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OMG noir fleurir community XD

Hi everyone! I just did a google search for the lyrics for Lie, and it led me here, so I was like OMG MUST JOIN! I love Noir Fleurir, and it's such a pity that they broke up T_T Kengo is so adorable, and if I knew what he was doing now I'd be following him close behind!

Well, as for those lyrics, I found that someone had scanned them for someone else in a previous post, but the page doesn't work anymore T_T Perhaps someone can re-scan them for me, or give me a romanized version?

Or maybe I should just look up that Linkin Park song, if it's true that they copied it? XD (Such a pity they did that...because I really don't like Linkin Park....)

So Noir Fleurir is one of my absolute favorite visual kei bands, along with:
Malice Mizer
X Japan

Kay, ciao!!
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