Tendai 「運命の迷い」 (runrunmarch) wrote in holynightmare,
Tendai 「運命の迷い」

[Selling] Noir fleurir video and CDs

I'm selling the following items by Noir fleurir. All prices are in US dollars. All items are in good to excellent condition and have only been played twice at most. Pictures can be provided on request, but they're cell-phone pics so they won't be too perfect.

Celebration (VHS video) - $25 - Contains 14 tracks, including Feerique, Omocha no Miisha and Wir Masquerade. Perfect condition, bought new and never played. It even includes the original mail-in card.

For 10 Years After (CD album) - $15 - Includes 11 tracks, including Twenty-One Century, Respectful Obsession and 21seiki Music Stars Not Dead.

Deflower (Live-only album) - $20 - This album wasn't sold in stores, and was only available on February 18, 2000. In addition, there were only 999 of them made! It includes tracks like Clock'work Fairy, Wir Masquerade and Sabbat.

Millenium (Special minialbum) - $20 - Another relative rarity, this minialbum has songs like Omocha no Miisha and Style. It's packaged in a really neat box-setup, with a little LCD clock at the top. A must have for any Noir fleurir fan!

If you're interested in buying any of these, please contact me at my email, deathpiano@gmail.com. I take Paypal (preferred!), international money orders in US dollars, and USD cash (at your own risk). Shipping is $5 in the US and $8 international, and can be combined for multiple items.
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