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New here. ^^

Just found this community while doing a google search on Noir Fleurir! I'm glad to see that there are still Noir fans out there. ^^ As is probably with most people here my favorite member would be Kengo in his strange and cute ways (and voice!). I've been intersted in Noir for a number of years now and my friend owns the Omocha no Miisha VHS, I'd really love to see more.

And well now for the million dollar question every has probably already asked! What the heck happened to everyone post Noir?
I know Soshi went off to some band called Coup D' e tat but thus far I've failed to scrounge up any more info besides that, Karen went off to another band whose name I can't figure out, Mast went to MIL (and looks veeery different) and it's been hinted that Kengo went off to another band as well but I've yet to find any solid proof. *pout*

As a bit of an update (but not really) you know that Hold Your Key 2005 that someone already posted on and went on last week? Well as far as I can tell there was some sort of "revival" live type thing for some Key Party bands (if you click on the "LIVE" section, more info there) and Noir Fleurir is listed! But they could not participate due to "member circumstances." Dissapointing but at least it's a little comforting to know that they're still out there... somewhere.

Anywho. I'm done rambling. ^^; ::skitters off::
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