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OMG noir fleurir community XD

Hi everyone! I just did a google search for the lyrics for Lie, and it led me here, so I was like OMG MUST JOIN! I love Noir Fleurir, and it's such a pity that they broke up T_T Kengo is so adorable, and if I knew what he was doing now I'd be following him close behind!

Well, as for those lyrics, I found that someone had scanned them for someone else in a previous post, but the page doesn't work anymore T_T Perhaps someone can re-scan them for me, or give me a romanized version?

Or maybe I should just look up that Linkin Park song, if it's true that they copied it? XD (Such a pity they did that...because I really don't like Linkin Park....)

So Noir Fleurir is one of my absolute favorite visual kei bands, along with:
Malice Mizer
X Japan

Kay, ciao!!
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woohoo!! thanks!!

Linkin Park copied a Noir Fleurir song??? If they did, that's real crap...
Hahaha... no. Noir fleurir copied a Linkin Park song. LP has more credibility than that, as a major industry band. Noir fleurir, as a little indies band nobody's ever heard of, a few members of which no doubt worship LP like many j-rockers do... well, they can get away with it.

I think it's more amusing than anything else...
Hmm...so I went and did a little research that night and looked up that LP song Papercut, and although both songs had a similar theme, I didn't really see any directly copied lines or lyrics or anything. And to me that's perfectly legit. Maybe it's just an icky rumor. O.o
lyrics directly copied from Papercut:

It's like I'm paranoid looking over my back
It's like a whirlwind inside of my head
It's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within
It's like the face inside is right beneath my skin

...all four lines of the chorus can be found scattered throughout Lie. In perfect English, as opposed to Teru's fun Engrish. Though I did have a good laugh at this, too.
OMG you're right XD I found my problem: incorrect lyrics page. Apparently I was looking at the lyrics for "And One". Man, I'm a dork, I should have known better than to trust just one source ^o^;;;
Welcome! ^.^ Heeeelllo, my name is chibi! ^.^ Kengo is the most adorable thing in J rock. And I will have a plooshie kitten just like Kengo's in the Omocha no Miisha PV. And I already sound like the guy [I can make a high-pitched voice] Then I will cosplay him. MUA HA HA.... Anyway, I <333 Lareine and Malice Mizer too! They are awesome bands. Who is your favorite members of each band?
O__O Linkin Park copied Noir Fleurir song. Whhhhaaaattt..?? >>;;;; That is such bull crap if they did. Weird American bands that do weird things and confuse everyone. @_@
Well, make yourself at home. ^.^ It's fun here! I hope you enjoy the community... ^_^ Oh, and <333 the Miisha plooshie. *nod nod* ~.^;;
See above comment. If anything, my point is proven by the fact that Teru couldn't write English that fluent to save his life... so he obviously pulled it from somewhere. Haha. Nice try Teru. ~_~
*HAHA* Omg, that is bad... -.-;; Yes, Teru cannot write lyrics in English.. >>;;; Oi, vo. can be bakas sometimes.... Thanks! Those lyrics made me happy.
Hehe ^^ in both Lareine and Malice Mizer ALL of the members are my favorite XD But my FAVORITE favorites of each band are Kamijo and Mana. In fact, Kamijo is my ultimate favorite celebrity of all time...he's just so cool on stage!! He has such charisma...and he's gorgeous to boot.

And the rumor goes that Noir Fleurir copied Linkin Park. Sorry, I must have made it sound the opposite O.o
It's okay about that. -.-;; I was confused in the wording of it, but everything is okay now. My favs are Machi and Kami. *lol* I think everyone loves Kamijo. He is so sweet, funny, dramatic.. >>;; I have not saw Lareine live but a few times so I don't about how he acts on stage. >O;;
You like the drummers, huh? ;P I have a friend who's OBSESSED with Kami. I think he's the most attractive one in the band *hehe*. And Machi is my second fave Lareine member...it's such a pity he's not with them anymore *sob*
Yes, I do wish Machi would come out of musical haitus or wherever that baka is. -.-;; He was the founder of Chantons L'Amour ne? But I don't think he is with that woman [Two members of Chantons L'Amour... him and her. >>;;] Erm.... I tend to like vocalists and drummers for some reason. O_o
*_* Kami-sama.... Nyah~ I miss MM music now... *has not heard them in a few months* T___T *cries too* Tell your friend that a fellow Kami fan says hello please!
My friend's japanese friend has a friend in japan that's just so happens to be machi's girlfriend. XD *randomness*
Btw, ame_tenshi is my my new lj sn. I was yuki_eiri_sama before that. *heehee*
(^-^)/'' Kooooncha!
Yes, aren't I great lol...I have...connections...>u<
I Be LiEk SeH K00l13zz.zzz. Yush. ...
Konnichiwa~ ^.^
Yes, yes. Connections are very good to have. ::smirk:: ~.^
lol yeah, although Machi in lareine anymore, so no stalking Kamijo for me *cries*
*isn't ^-^
But... Machi may know where Kamijo is, so you can stalk him anyway. ::heehee:: How is Machi, btw? He is okay? He's alive, right?? ::worrrrrrriiiieeeeedd::


11 years ago


11 years ago

wow...I just noticed kittyhot, you were listening to lolita no.18. When I was in Paris for the Moi Dix Mois gig, a random shop in the metro station was selling bags with "Lolita no.18" on them and I was like wtf? I didn't even realise that was a band ^-^""
*ahem* I will introduce myself properly at some point...I just had to comment...
Wow! Pretty cool ^^ I have no idea whether or not they're still together, though. I think they're an older band. They have...QUITE an interesting sound. Ehe...
I should listen to them...I will dl when I have had some sleep...right now I need the sleep *.*